New Year, New Adventures

A New Resolution


Why We Owe It

to Ourselves to Struggle


A New Look

New Start


The Hardest Path

Is Not Always the Right Path


Fall Fashion Favourite

x The Dress Boutique


Colourful Reflections

Featuring Marsquest


Living in Burgundy

And the Power of Self Awareness


Quotes of the Week

When the wind of change blows, some build walls while others build windmills.

Chinese Proverb

I need solitude. I need space. I need air. I need the empty fields round me; and my legs pounding along roads; and sleep; and animal existence.

Virginia WoolfThe Diary of Virginia Woolf

Maybe the stars know us by our wishes.


A woman like that is not ashamed to die.
I have been her kind.

Anne Sexton“Her Kind”

It’s our choices that matter in the end. Not wishes, not words, not promises.

Alexandra BrackenPassenger

I do not sleep. I half-exist.

Fernando PessoaThe Book of Disquiet

You are a misplaced flower. Do not be confused by the roses and lilies around you. You are as vital to our survival as they are, my sweet dandelion.

Noe Pineda

At the end of the day we are mere memories trying to turn into stories.

Sophia Carey

He wasted his wishes on wishing.

Shel SilversteinWhere the Sidewalk Ends: The Poems and Drawings of Shel Silverstein

Love is vivid. I never wanted the pale version.

Jeanette Winterson Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?


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